Litigation & Dispute Resolution Practice

Litigation & Dispute Resolution Practice

  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution Practice:

The judiciary system is flooded with an overwhelming amount of litigations. There is no end to the people’s sufferings. Here at Sadat Sarwat and Associates, we try our best to mitigate the sufferings of our clients. In order to deal with this huge amount of litigations, we have two separate divisions. These are:

  1. Criminal Litigation Division
  2. Civil Litigation Division

And Writ Matters in High Court Division

  1. Criminal Litigation Division:

Our Criminal Litigation Practice has an established presence in criminal litigation and in depth experience in handling matters such as murder, killing, homicide, physical assault, physical injury, torture, criminal trespass, drugs/narcotics, harassment, sexual abuse, charges of rape, corruption, extortion, threat, defamation, illegal arrest/detention/ confinement, cheating, forgery, cheque-bouncing, financial fraud, immigration/ emigration offenses, passport/visa offenses, extradition/deportation, human rights violation, etc. We undertake the assignment of Anticipatory Bail, Regular Bail, Pending Appeal Bail, Challenge of Detention Order, Quashment of Lower Court Proceedings, Writ Petition, Criminal Complaint in High Court/Metropolitan Court, Revision Application, Appeal, Trial, Cross-Examination, and Examination-in-Chief of Witnesses, etc. in / Judges Court / High Court. We represent several companies/ institutions/ entities and their middle/top-level officials including directors and CEOs. We also represent several businessmen/women and individuals of all levels of social stature in various criminal/civil proceedings.

  1. Civil Litigation and Writ Matters in High Court Division:

Our Civil litigation and Writ litigation team consisting of an expert team of lawyers who are well equipped to deal with matters of any complexities which includes:

  1. Issuance of suit documents
  2. Preparing a response to suit documents
  3. Preparing to appeal related documents
  4. Response to appeal
  5. Finally, filing applications challenging questionable administrative and constitutional matters i.e. writ.