Corporate Governance & Compliance Practice

Corporate Governance & Compliance Practice

in order to achieve the objective of a company the framework provided by the corporate governance is indispensable.  The framework contains:

  • Practical action plans
  • Risk assessment
  • Monitoring and internal control
  • Compliance for performance measurement and
  • The smooth functioning of corporate disclosure

Since there has been a change in the corporate culture, the demand for regulatory and policy compliance have increased significantly. This significance has increased to such an extent that in order to survive the competitive international markets, even a local business has to comply with the minimum industry standard.

Here at SSA our elite team of Barristers and lawyers has all sorts of arsenals to provide you full support regarding these matters. Our services in this area include:

  • Drafting and advisory services
  • Advice regarding share sale transactions
  • Employee stock option plan
  • International operation
  • Various corporate finance and debt finance issues
  • Investments, acquisition under the Takeover Rules
  • We also do the legal audit for existing business entities for assessing compliance and providing advice related to remedial measures
  • We can help you to design a corporate compliance program that is cost-effective considering the:
  1. Size of the entity
  2. Form of the entity
  3. Identifying the point of operation and managerial structure.
  • We also help our clients to identify the future possible changes to those programs and laws and regulations related to those programs.