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Transport & Logistics

Businesses operating in the transportation sector are party to some of the most complex contracts, transactions, and logistical undertakings in the corporate world. Moving a shipping container from Chittagong to Hamburg involves numerous companies, multiple legal regimes, dozens of oversight agencies, and several modes of transportation. One consequence of this complexity is that transportation-related companies are exposed to a long and diverse list of liabilities, ranging from breach of contract and anti-competitiveness claims to personal injury and environmental harms. Transportation clients need litigation counsel who are not simply trial specialists, but are also leading practitioners in transportation and logistics law.


Our Firm represents clients operating in the transportation fields of maritime, aviation, intermodal, trucking, auto and logistics. Within these fields, we represent carriers, product manufacturers, ports and terminals, suppliers, operators, lenders, lessors/lessees, insurers and investors. Our attorneys regularly appear on behalf of transportation industry clients before courts and arbitration tribunals.


Service Areas


  • Advise clients in maritime, aviation, intermodal, trucking, rail, auto, offshore energy, and logistics
  • Counsel on transportation laws, including those governing antitrust/competition, trade sanctions, and export licensing; environmental obligations and liabilities; and cabotage, citizenship, vessel requirements, towage, salvage, fisheries, and dredging
  • Appear before courts, and arbitration tribunals
  • Represent clients in complex commercial disputes and government contracting protests
  • Defend clients against claims by domestic and foreign regulatory agencies
  • Represent clients in claims arising from transportation accidents and disasters